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  Sichuan Zhongcheng Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. is located in26 Jinle Road, Jintang County, SichuanIs a research and development, production, sales in one of the modern private enterprises, registered capital of 10 million, professional manufacturing of public and household guardrail products, the company was founded in 2017。
  As a professional team,We take "how far is the thinking of the enterprise team,How far can the enterprise go "as the core culture;To establish and develop enterprises in the spirit of the Long March;To pay attention to "details" style to treat management;Survival by quality, development by reputation as the slogan;Put "human beings first,After work "as the working concept;Will "human ability is become" as a magic weapon for enterprises。The enterprise team that has grown together with Zhongcheng has become the wealth of the company。
  Medium-range integrity, attention to details, to promote the guardrail industry to more humane, safe, environmental protection direction。Together with you to care for the beautiful home。
  Medium range guardrail, guardrail artist。
  Refuse any short-term behavior, firm corporate and personal long-term goals。
  Zhongcheng believes in the natural law of pay and gain, and firmly believes that labor is the source of happiness in life。
  Zhongcheng firmly believes that professionalism is the basis for maintaining the common interests of enterprises, individuals and society, and will carry it forward。
  We respect the special talents and special contributions of employees and oppose egalitarianism。
  Zhongcheng pursues the cooperation model of Shuangying, and always maintains a fair relationship with customers, suppliers and all partners。
  Zhongcheng advocates the business ethics of customer first, and always takes meeting the fundamental wishes of customers as the core of corporate activities。
  Zhongcheng regards product quality as the basis of enterprise value and employee dignity, and creates the most serious work habits of employees。
  Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company assessment, welcome friends from all walks of life to come to cooperate, cooperation hotline:15102882828